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No feedback, Self-extracting WPS solution

This is a practical zero-dimentional WPS transmission scheme, which has been summarized after nearly 20 years of optimization.



Main features:

1. No feedback, all-weather working, independent of reception.

2. Self-extracting power, auto detection, auto-transmit at a power slightly bigger than the receiver.

3. Auto-current-limit, the no load consumption is about 1% of the full load

4. Superior EMC performance, easy to accept CE, UL,3C certification.


Basic parameters:

Input Voltage: 85~240V AC/50-60Hz

Input Current: Set according to the load

No-load Current: About 1% of full load

Output Voltage: Depending on the load distance.

Output Winding: Number of turns and Capicity settings are according to the load.




Complete schematic diagram provided.

Complete sample provided, including a complete transmission system and multiple receivers

Complete production technology process provided.