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Simple IC Forming Process

First---Brief Introduction

The forming of integrated circuit is a very complex and expensive packaging process.

The sealed integrated circuit is as strong as steel, which is moisture-proof, water proof, air proof, anti-oxidation and acid and alkali resistance.

Integrated circuit packaging not only plays a role in electrical connecting between the bonding pad inside electronic components and outside, but enables integrated circuit to have a stable environment isolated from the outside world, with the dual function of mechanical protection and environmental protection.

Integrated circuit packaging also has an important function of confidentiality so that the internal circuit can not be intuitively copied.

This can be used not only for IC protection, but also for module protection, especially for the protection of the early innovation results , which is of great significance.


However,the industrial integrated circuit packaging is not only a huge investment—no less than tens of millions of yuan,  but also requires strictly sealed production environment and extremely elaborated production process.

In 2006, after years of research, I had created a set of simplified Integrate circuit forming technology, successfully realizing the solid-state packaging under normal circumstances. The materials are the same as special materials for industry and the modules after packaging has exactly the same effect as industrial integrate circuit. After years of practice, it is stable, reliable, low investment and easy operation, especially suitable for the electronic research and development enterprises.


second---Equipment Machine



(newly purchased)


(need to be remanufactured)


3. Molding Machine

 (The equipment shown here was made ten years ago, which will be remanufactured)


4、Temperature Control System (remanufactured)


5、Dynamical System

Pneumatic System or Hydraulic System (remanufactured)


Laser Marker (self-purchasing)



Integrate circuit packaging materials, mainly quartz powder and supporting moulding materials




1、To prepare material

2. To prepare the mould

3. To preheat

4. To take shape

5. To post process

6. To mark





The simple process costs at least 100-200 thousand RMB, which functions the same as the present industrial investment system that costs over 20 million RMB. We will get the best return you on very little investment.