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Isolated Power Socket solution

Electrical appliances are prone to electric leakage, which can lead to electric shock and even fire. Why?

Because the electrical appliances are connected with the power grid, and the power grid is connected with the earth!

If the electrical appliances are separated from the power grid, there are no such problems!

Main features of isolated power socket:

The socket is divided into two parts, the input part and the output part are completely separated.

The input part is connected to the power grid, while the output part is connected to the consumer.

Power transmission adopts wireless power supply.

Physically, the electrical appliances are completely separated from the power grid, and there is no problem of leakage and fire.

It works all day.

Automatic current limiting.

Superior EMC performance, easy to accept CE, UL, 3C certification.

Basic parameters:

Input voltage: 220V AC / 50-60Hz,

Power supply mode: transmit completely isolated, receive completely isolated.

Input current: according to load setting, 0-10a

No load current: determined by power management system

Output voltage: set according to the voltage of electric appliance

Output coil: the number of turns and inductance are set according to the load

Power supply distance: between 10 mm

Transmission efficiency: 90% - 98%

Structure: wall plug or drag insert


Provide complete schematic diagram

Provide a complete sample, including a complete transmitter system and multiple receivers.

Provide complete production technology process