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Geomagnetic WPS solution

Project Name: geomagnetic wireless power supply model

Geomagnetic energy is an all-weather free energy widely existing on the earth's surface. Geomagnetic wireless power supply is a technology that captures geomagnetic energy for wireless power supply, patent No.: 201910793131.2

Its basic principle is: first, through a "magnetic trap network" to generate counter pulse, the original "constant magnetic" geomagnetic field is transformed into a pulsed magnetic field, and then, a resonant coil is placed in the pulsed magnetic field to let the magnetic field penetrate the resonant coil, and the two ends of the coil can form current to realize wireless power supply.

The energy density of geomagnetism is generally between 30 and 60ut, which is larger than that of two-dimensional desktop.

The electric energy obtained in the resonant coil comes from the geomagnetic energy, but the "magnetic trap" consumes a small amount of electric energy, and the result is 1 – 1 = 2, that is, 2 kilowatts of electricity is used to pay for 1 degree of electricity.

The electric energy of the magnetic trap can be either direct current or alternating current.

This project can be widely used in various fields, including daily life, for example, mobile phones can be charged anytime, anywhere and never lack of power.

The significance of the project is extensive and far-reaching, and the market covers every corner of the world.

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