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The band characteristics of geomagnetism limit the feasibility of its various applications

The band characteristics of geomagnetism limit the feasibility of its various applications

Above the possible millimeter wave band of 5g is the infrared band of light wave. This band has obvious thermal effect on general substances, which is the reason why we feel the warmth of the sun. It is also inappropriate to use this band for communication or wireless power supply.

Above the infrared band, there are visible light waves all the way to ultraviolet, X-ray and infrared γ X-ray bands, which have extremely high light frequency and high directivity, we can understand very well. These bands can be used as wireless power transmission (only in a straight line and required), but it is impossible to conduct wireless power transmission with wide coverage like WiFi. High frequency can not achieve wide coverage, and the low-frequency geomagnetic wave energy is not high (the energy of each photon is low), so the transmission of high energy can only be realized by increasing the emission power of low-frequency geomagnetic wave (increasing photons), but this greatly increases the overall intensity of geomagnetic wave and the side effects. High-intensity low-frequency geomagnetic wave can generate current in metal, In practical application, it is often.

Due to the poor directivity of low-frequency geomagnetic waves, the energy can be dispersed in a wide space, so it is impossible to confirm who the energy user is. Then stealing energy becomes easy. For example, your neighbors can rub your home's electricity (just like rubbing WiFi, rubbing energy doesn't need a password). Therefore, it also limits the possibility of medium and low frequency geomagnetic wave terminal for power transmission.

Therefore, in fact, wireless communication and wireless power supply are affected by the properties of different bands of geomagnetic waves, and not any band can be used. At present, the wireless charging technology used by Apple devices, such as alternating magnetic field induction wireless power supply, is actually a very short-range magnetic field induction wireless power supply (or electric transmission) technology, which requires a very short distance. It can not be realized. As the subject said, it can be used everywhere like wifi. This wireless charging technology mainly solves the problem of conductor contact, which can make it more convenient to connect (without plug-in) and ensure the safety of the point of use (the user can not touch the conductor at all).