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"Energy harvesting" wireless charging

energy wireless charging Harvesting technology is still in its infancy. "Energy harvesting" wireless charging depends on the energy around us, such as continuous microwaves, sound waves and radio waves around the air. Duke University researchers have made it similar to solar power efficiency. Professors at the University of Washington are doing further research, hoping to make devices that completely avoid batteries but can harvest energy.

Although this technology completely innovates the wireless charging technology, it also has its limitations. Because these waves in the environment contain only a small amount of power, they are only suitable for very small and simple devices, such as wireless sensors and so on. The charging of similar rechargeable mobile phones, computers and more complex devices needs further research by scientists.

In our opinion, wireless power supply may not be widely used, but wireless charging equipment can be invisible, with low equipment wear rate, wide application range and convenient operation. With the continuous progress of technology, it is believed that technologies such as inductive coupling wireless charging, beam induction wireless charging and "energy harvesting" wireless charging will be generally applicable to ordinary people's homes.