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Advantages and disadvantages of wireless power supply technology

Advantages of wireless power supply technology
      1. The equipment using wireless magnetoelectric induction charging can be invisible, with low equipment wear rate and wide application range. The area of public charging area is relatively reduced, but the reduced floor area share will not be too large.
      2. With high technical content and convenient operation, it can implement relatively long-distance radio energy conversion, but the transmission distance of high-power wireless charging is limited to less than 5m, not too far.
      3. Easy to operate.

      Disadvantages of wireless power supply technology
      1. Although the technical content of the equipment is not high, the economic cost investment of the equipment is high and the maintenance cost is large.
      2. Due to the realization of long-distance high-power wireless magnetoelectric conversion, the energy consumption of the equipment is high. With the increase of distance and power of wireless charging equipment, the consumption of reactive power will be greater.
      3. The wireless charging technology equipment itself realizes the secondary energy conversion, that is, after the network power is reduced (or directly) into DC power, a higher frequency switch control AC conversion output is carried out. Because the high-power AC-DC-AC current conversion is the reason for the secondary wireless transmission of electric energy, the spatial magnetic loss rate of electromagnetic is too large.