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What is the business chain of wireless power supply

The wireless charging industry chain is divided into two parts: receiving and transmitting. The upstream and downstream industry chain at the receiving end is divided into chip, magnetic material, transmission coil, module manufacturing and system integration. The transmitter is divided into: chip, coil module and scheme design.

      The receiver chip and system integration design have high technical barriers and high profits (accounting for about 30% of the profits of the wireless charging industry chain respectively), and the main customers are mobile terminals. The development status is very similar to that of fingerprint identification three years ago. Only IDT has shipping experience. Broadcom is officially customized for apple, while others, including Ti and Qualcomm, failed to seize the first wave of explosion opportunities in the industry and failed to enter the supply chain of any mobile phone manufacturer. Mobile phone companies in mobile phone market have Gionee mobile phone and M7, Plus, which is equipped with domestic chips.
      In the transmitter chip link, there are many participating manufacturers, which are divided into different levels. Front line wireless charger manufacturers, such as mophie, Belkin and Zebao, generally pay more attention to fixed frequency, FOD foreign object detection function, fast charging and other performance. Brands NXP, IDT and a few chip manufacturers focusing on the high-end market in China often become their first choice. Among the main cost-effective brands, foreign chips are difficult to occupy a place because of their high price. On the contrary, a number of domestic chip manufacturers have a high market share. Of course, the competition in this market is also very fierce.