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Qi standard for wireless power supply

Qi is the "wireless power supply" standard launched by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the world's first standardization organization to promote wireless power supply technology. It has two characteristics of convenience and universality. First of all, different brands of products, as long as there is a Qi logo, can use Qi wireless charger charging. Secondly, it has overcome the technical bottleneck of "universality" of wireless charging. In the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can be charged with Qi wireless charger, which provides the possibility for large-scale application of wireless charging.

      The market mainstream wireless power supply technology mainly through three ways, namely electromagnetic induction, radio wave, and resonance, and Qi uses the most mainstream electromagnetic induction technology. In terms of technology application, Chinese companies have been at the forefront of wireless power supply industry. It is reported that Qi's application products in China are mainly mobile phones. This is the first stage, and it will be applied to different types or higher power digital products in the future.