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Inpofi technology of wireless power supply

       Wireless charging is a new wireless charging technology based on "invisible power field". Its wireless charging series products adopt intelligent electric transmission wireless charging technology, which has the characteristics of non radiation, high power conversion efficiency, weak thermal effect and so on.

       Compared with other existing wireless charging technologies, inpofi has no radiation, adopts electric field pulse mode, and does not produce any radiation. The test results of China Tel laboratory show that the added value of radiation is almost zero. In the aspect of high efficiency, Taier laboratory also determined that the charging transmission efficiency of the products with this technology is as high as 90%, which completely changes the low efficiency problem of the traditional wireless charging up to 70%.
      In the aspect of intelligent management, chip adaptation management technology is adopted, which includes: automatically turn on and turn off the charging process; Automatically adapt the required voltage and current, manage the charging process to ensure high charging efficiency; A unified charging board can be used to charge any brand and model of electronic products safely, conveniently and efficiently. In terms of safety, it also takes into account the safety problems of various weak current charging, such as electrostatic ESD protection, anti overcharge, anti shock, etc. even if there is a problem in the power management of the receiving equipment itself, it can automatically fuse through the inpofi chip to protect the electronic equipment from being damaged.
      It is worth mentioning that, for smart device manufacturers, inpofi takes a tiny chip as the core to realize ultra micro design, which is only 1 / 4 of the size of 50 cents. It can be easily integrated into any device or into various forms of wearable devices. This is beyond the reach of traditional electromagnetic products.