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Principle of wireless power supply

Sometimes I feel that the wireless charging mobile phone is very magical, and I really want to know how it realizes wireless charging, so I collect a lot of information and finally understand the principle. If you have the same curiosity, you can have a look at it.

I. electromagnetic induction
The electric base and the mobile phone terminal have built-in coils respectively. When they are close to each other, the transmitting coil generates a certain current in the receiving coil of the mobile phone based on a certain frequency of alternating current through electromagnetic induction, thus transferring the point energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end, and then starting to supply power to the mobile phone from the charging base.
Because the principle is simple and easy to make, plus the promotion of Texas Instruments, Philips, Toshiba, Microsoft, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm and other manufacturers, this is the most popular way on the market. However, wireless charging based on electromagnetic induction also has some disadvantages, among which the transmission distance is seriously limited.

2、 Radio wave
The principle is to convert environmental electromagnetic wave into current and transmit current through circuit.
The transmission distance of this wireless charging mode is more than 10 meters, which is suitable for long-distance low-power charging, and can also realize automatic charging anytime and anywhere. However, due to the low conversion efficiency, if this method is used, the charging time will be longer.

3、 WiFi wireless charging
This charging system mainly includes two parts, one is Wi Fi access point (router), the other is custom charging sensor. It is worth noting that this method does not need to replace the traditional wireless router, just need to deploy software and other solutions, and the charging function can coexist with the Internet access function, and will not affect each other.
The advantage is that it can be charged as you go, which is very convenient for users. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to locate the charging object, which is a waste of power.