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What are the technologies of wireless power supply

  After bicycle sharing, sharing power bank has become another "window" highly sought after. The prototype of wireless power supply system. Just put the object close to the magnetic resonance coil to realize "space charging".

  Using magnetic resonance technology to achieve wireless power supply, charging distance is less than half a meter, charging efficiency is very high, in a relatively short distance, charging efficiency can reach more than 90%, almost the same as wired charging. At present, their wireless power supply system has realized that the transmitting coil is within 10 cm of the receiving area. This means that the mobile phone can "move" at will within this distance, and it's OK to lift it up and put it down. In mobile phone charging, this charging method has the same power as that of charging on the charger.

  At present, the common wireless power supply in the market mostly adopts "electromagnetic induction coupling", that is, contact charging and induction charging. This method can be used for wireless power supply of electric toothbrush, apple watch and Samsung S8 series new products. Every time charging, the product does not need to be connected to the power supply through the power cord. But wireless doesn't stop there. The charging base needs to be plugged in, and the product needs to be accurately pasted on the charging area of the charging board, with a distance of less than 5mm. At present, there are few public areas to provide wireless power supply equipment, which is not conducive to personal carrying and inefficient.

  The advantage of wireless power supply based on magnetic resonance technology is not only to improve the user experience of unsatisfactory contact charging, but also to realize the simultaneous charging of multiple devices. No matter the shell of mobile phone or other devices is metal or glass material, as long as there is a contact coil, it can be charged.