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Wireless power supply, away from wire cluster

        At present, the air separation and sharing wireless power supply appears in the market, which facilitates our work and life, freezes the wire binding brought by wired charging, and can be charged anytime and anywhere.
        With wireless power supply, when eating outside or having fun, you don't need to rent / return the charging treasure from the charging cabinet, or worry about not paying back the time out, and deduct the extra cost. It also supports wired and wireless dual mode charging, some can charge two phones at the same time. The whole core upgrade is guaranteed by multiple guarantees, with 30% safety acceleration and greatly improved charging efficiency.
        At the beginning of the telecommunication era, all information and power supply need to be transmitted through cable. With the development of wireless communication technology, information can be basically free from the cable constraints, and the rapid development of mobile Internet is the best proof. However, it is difficult for all electrical and electronic products to get rid of the tail of the power cord.
        The emergence of wireless power supply technology, in order to get rid of the tail, to complete the final evolution of morphology, away from the restless wire cluster.