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Three wireless power supply modes

       There are three wireless power supply modes for wireless AP charging. However, what are the characteristics of these three modes? Which one is better and more practical?
       1. Poe power supply
       The power supply mode needs Poe switch and Poe power supply module, and the cost is general. From the aspect of construction and maintenance, the construction quantity is small and the maintenance is easy. In terms of compatibility, it is suitable for wireless AP supporting Poe power supply.
       2. Independent power supply
       For c12v independent power supply, it is necessary to prepare a common switch, a 200m power line and a power adapter, which is the most expensive. In terms of construction and maintenance, DC12V power supply needs more auxiliary materials, which leads to more work and more fault points. In terms of compatibility, it is applicable to all wireless APS.
       3. Spoe power supply
       This kind of power supply mode is not common. It is estimated that we don't know much about it. It needs spoe switch and splitter, and has the lowest cost. In terms of construction and maintenance, it is similar to Poe power supply. In terms of compatibility, it is also suitable for all wireless AP.
       In fact, the wireless AP in the market basically supports Poe power supply, which is also in line with the market trend. For convenience and long-term consideration, Poe power supply is the best.