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New breakthrough of wireless power supply

       The new type of urban rail vehicles with wireless power supply system is a new breakthrough in wireless power supply.
       For the first time in China, the new type of wireless power supply system for urban rail transit vehicles has achieved a breakthrough from "wired" to "wireless" power supply system for rail transit vehicles, breaking the technical monopoly of developed countries on the wireless power supply system for rail transit vehicles.
       The product innovation and development of the world's largest power level of efficient wireless power supply system, carbon fiber + non-magnetic steel hybrid material car body, localization of all silicon carbide inverter, localization of longitudinal coupling permanent magnet traction system, can realize the whole line of catenary free operation, rail transit system and the perfect integration of urban landscape. Vehicles can realize flexible marshalling, modular configuration of key systems, light axle load and small turning radius, and can easily adapt to various line conditions. It fully covers the existing infrastructure operation standards of potential markets in different regions of the world, and ensures the continuation of the city's cultural and historical landscape.
       At the same time, the vehicles support customized design, which can match the cultural characteristics and special functional requirements of different regions in the world, meet the latest infrastructure clearance requirements of emerging markets and the new operation mode based on power supply.