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New development of wireless power supply

      In recent years, wireless power supply is developing continuously and has made some achievements.
      According to the requirements of smart grid terminal communication access network, power wireless private network is organically combined with power dedicated 230MHz spectrum. Based on key technologies such as discrete narrow-band multi frequency point aggregation and dynamic spectrum sensing, it has the advantages of high bandwidth, large capacity, high spectrum efficiency and high security. It is similar to the power enterprise building its own base station like mobile communication, Build your own wireless network. Private cable communication has some problems, such as high cost of optical fiber construction, great difficulty in construction and complex operation and maintenance in the later stage. In contrast, wireless private network communication is the most economical and reasonable communication mode with the most convenient installation and maintenance. It realizes ubiquitous access and reliable bearing of data, voice, image, video and other services, and meets the business communication needs of power system transmission, distribution and transformation, It is an effective means to get through the "last mile" of power communication.
      Power wireless private network is an important business support for the construction of energy Internet enterprises. We need to learn from the practices and experience of State Grid Yancheng power supply company, and build a service-oriented and accurate load control, power line carrier communication system by using satellite, microwave, carrier, optical cable and other communication means, from simple technology to today's advanced technology, from single communication cable and power line carrier communication means to the combination of optical fiber, digital microwave, satellite and other communication means Distribution automation and other control services as the core of the boutique power wireless private network.