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The future of wireless power supply

       Wireless power supply is a convenient and safe new technology, without any physical connection, power can be transmitted to the load in a short distance without contact.
       Although wireless power supply is still a new thing in the eyes of many people, scientists have noticed this technology more than 100 years ago. And even more surprising and incredible is that wireless power is not far away from us.
       The most common way of wireless charging is to use inductive coupling (usually a specific subset called "resonant inductive coupling") technology. If you have an electric toothbrush, electric razor or hearing aid, when you plug them into the socket, you will witness the occurrence of inductive coupling.
       One of the most common uses of inductive coupling is radio frequency ID (RFID) chip. If you use a contactless smart card to access your office or pay for your bus (subway), you are using a very simple form of wireless power transmission: the RFID chip on the card is inactive, but when it is placed close to the power terminal, it provides power to activate the chip and read the data inside.