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Wireless power supply originated so early, I didn’t expect it!

       Maybe the application of wireless power supply in real life is not very popular, but the movie directors with imagination have used the concept of wireless power supply in the film early.
        Fans of Jason Statham, who like hard man, must know that Jason Statham played in 2009 as a sequel to the series of movies "the attack of anger," high voltage electricity, in which Jason's hero was replaced with a man-made heart and equipped with a belt battery that powered the heart. In the film, there is a doctor who explains the power supply principle of the heart:
       In short, there are two coils inside and outside the skin, and the belt battery supplies power to the outer coil. The two coils exchange electric energy through the skin sensing transmission system described in the figure, so that the coil inside the skin can obtain power and transmit it to the battery inside the body to supply power to the heart. In fact, the so-called skin energy transmission system is a wireless power supply system. The coil outside the skin is used as the transmitter of electric energy, and the coil inside the skin is used as the receiving end to transmit the electric energy.
       With the rapid development of wireless power technology, we have reason to believe that the plot in the film no longer depends on special effects and props to complete, with the existing science and technology we can also achieve.