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The convenience of wireless power supply

       As we all know, the top of all tall towers used to erect high-voltage wires all over the world is equipped with an aviation obstacle light that always flashes red light, which is used to provide flight obstacle warning for aircraft. But what many people don't know is that because these aviation obstruction lights can't directly use the high-voltage power transmitted by high-voltage wires, they have to set up a separate low-voltage wire on the tower to provide power. In most cases, the length of this low-voltage wire is about 500 meters to 1000 meters, and the power provided is about 10 kilowatts. This is almost consistent with the transmission distance and capacity achieved in the Kobe port test. Therefore, the optimistic estimate is that wireless power supply technology will replace the above-mentioned low-voltage wires in the next five years.
       In the past, when power towers and high-voltage power lines were damaged by natural disasters such as earthquake, frost, Blizzard and so on, it was both laborious and time-consuming to repair power towers and rebuild high-voltage power lines. Therefore, how to restore power supply in power-off areas as soon as possible became a major problem in the process of disaster relief. In the future, with the further improvement of the transmission capacity of wireless power supply technology, people can use helicopters to lift the wireless power transmission equipment and power receiving equipment to the power-off area, so as to realize emergency power supply through wireless power supply.
       In addition, offshore wind power generation, which is currently regarded as one of the main new energy technologies, is also likely to directly transmit the power generated by offshore wind turbines far away from the coastline to the land by wireless power supply in the future, without laying submarine cables, thus greatly reducing the economic costs of construction and maintenance.
       For ordinary people, the application prospect of wireless power supply technology is also very wide. With the aggravation of aging, there are more and more elderly people who are inflexible and rely on electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs and other devices to move, travel and take care of themselves. However, the traditional way of plugging in and out the power cord on the fixed socket to charge the electric vehicles and other devices is undoubtedly a difficult and troublesome thing for a large number of elderly people with mobility difficulties. In the future, the maturity of wireless power supply technology will make it very easy. As long as the elderly drive the electric vehicle equipped with wireless power receiving device into a certain space distance near the wireless power transmission device, the charging process will be completed automatically.
       The more important significance of wireless power supply technology is that it is possible to open up a new energy access channel for all mankind in the infinite space.