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Automatic wireless power supply technology

  Automatic wireless power supply technology can improve the efficiency, availability and security of mobile robot system.
  Mobile robot has modern wireless power supply technology and magnetic resonance technology. It can be charged by installing multiple charging boards in the device, so as to obtain the so-called opportunity charging or snacks. For example, the robot can charge the robot when it is idle at the loading, unloading or queuing station. The current wireless power supply scheme does not need the precise positioning of the robot, as long as the robot keeps a certain distance from the charging board, it can charge the charging board. This charging function can be charged anytime and anywhere without having to stop using it within a few hours after charging, so that operators can minimize the number of robots required by service facilities. There is no need to repair and replace worn connectors and cables, which can also reduce maintenance costs. Frequent opportunistic charging will prevent the battery from completely running out, thus extending the service life of the battery pack.
  The popularity of new crown brings new opportunities and challenges to manufacturing and logistics industry. The demand for door-to-door delivery to meet the needs of various consumers is surging, and e-commerce enterprises are competing to meet this demand. Autonomous community vehicles and drones are being developed and deployed to deliver products automatically. Automated warehousing and distribution are being deployed around the world. These factors increase the demand for autonomous mobile robot systems, all of which require reliable and safe autonomous charging. In addition, it is now considered to be a manual industrial process, which actually requires manual "touch", and is considered to be the medium of virus transmission among basic workers. In this unprecedented situation, the nature of work is changing.
  Companies that use new automation technologies, such as mobile robots with automatic wireless power supply, can meet the market demand while improving the health, safety and productivity of employees.