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Watup wireless power supply

       Wattup is a new wireless power supply technology, which can achieve wireless power supply operation within 15 feet (about 4.6m). It transmits power to other micro receivers through a wireless hub. You can configure multiple receivers, insert them into the sockets in different rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms, and then cooperate with special mobile phone shells to realize real wireless charging operation.
       The specific schemes are as follows:
       Dialog semiconductor, a highly integrated power management, ac/dc power conversion, solid state lighting (SSL) and Bluetooth low power (ble) technology provider, announced strategic investment in energy. Dialog decided to invest $10 million in energy and become a component supplier of wattup integrated circuits, and energy will be able to accelerate market adoption with dialog's extensive network of sales and distribution channels.
       Compared with the traditional wired charging technology, energy's wattup technology provides a richer wireless power supply experience. Through radio frequency technology, the power is transmitted wirelessly, and wattup can transmit intelligent and scalable power in a way similar to wireless router. Unlike electromagnetic induction or resonant wireless power supply system, wattup can provide wireless power to multiple devices in various angles within a certain radius, thus changing the way consumers and industry charge and power for home, office, automobile and more electronic equipment in more scenarios.