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Diversified application of wireless power supply

  With the popularity of smart phones, wireless power supply will expand to more products in the future, including computer peripherals, furniture, medical equipment and other portable devices.
  In order to facilitate the design and application of wireless power supply, IDT has launched a package solution of 5W wireless power supply transmitter and receiver in line with Qi standard, including reference circuit board and related design resources. Designers can quickly complete the prototype in a few hours and simplify the whole process.
  "In order to promote the promotion of wireless power supply, IDT's business model has also been adjusted." Graham Robertson in "Europe press" 1: 1 "explained at the meeting that IDT is usually a B2B (enterprise enterprise) business model manufacturer. Through the launch of wireless power supply suite and sales on e-commerce websites, IDT began to try B2C (enterprise consumer) business model, so as to expand the technology to a wider mass market, so that more developers can give play to their creativity and make the application of wireless power supply technology more diversified.