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Magnetic resonance wireless power supply

  The wireless power supply realized by using magnetic resonance technology can also control the electromagnetic field of the coil, and supply the magnetic resonance to the desired position according to the energy demand of the product.
  In the future, the coil will be placed flat on the table, and you can pick up or drop the phone at will to charge the phone within the effective distance. Don't worry about not bringing a charge treasure when you go out, and you don't have to worry about the lack of power on your mobile phone and the inability to borrow it. We just need to go into a shopping mall, a beverage store or a restaurant and charge in time.
  In addition to the basic application scenarios for charging smart bracelets, smart watches, smart phones, etc. There are also many application scenarios in the field of subdivision, some of which have been implemented. The group cooperated with decoration company to launch lighting products; cooperated with UAV to design the "industrial UAV charging platform" solution and design charging scheme for rail transit inspection robot.
  The UAV is short in duration and the cruise time of industrial class applications is no more than 2 hours. If there is no power, it can be dropped and suspended on the apron for charging flight. In addition, consumer level robots, such as home sweeper, should design a good route for it. After the instruction is completed, they can reach the designated position before charging and continuing to work. Next, the researchers will integrate the transmitter coil and circuit into a chip. When constructing wireless power supply network, the future mobile phone will have a receiving coil and corresponding chips to realize the interconnection of large-scale wireless power supply equipment.
  In such wireless power supply network, when the mobile phone is exhausted, some messages will be pushed back to help us find the location where the wireless power is shared. On this basis, a large amount of data analysis is carried out in the background to provide real-time information for public management, and do some advertising promotion and additional services, which may create higher value than wireless power supply itself.
  From the above introduction, you may find that the popular touch charging mode in the market is not the best solution for wireless power supply, but to realize long-distance air separation charging, many technical breakthroughs are needed. In recent years, Mr technology is a promising technology.