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Principle and function of wireless power supply

        With the continuous development of charging technology, wireless power supply technology has officially entered the application stage, but many users do not know how to use the wireless power supply function of mobile phones.
        The principle of wireless power supply is actually to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to charge the equipment. The principle is similar to transformer equipment. A transmitter and a receiver are required. The transmitting device converts the current into electromagnetic signal, and then the receiving device converts the received electromagnetic signal into current again, which is the principle of wireless power supply.
        From the current wireless power supply technology, there are three ways of wireless power supply, one is electromagnetic induction, which generates current through the electromagnetic induction between primary and secondary coils; the other is the earliest radio used for space communication. It mainly relies on the circuit with high efficiency of receiving performance to capture the radio waves in the air, and then converts it into electric energy; the last is electromagnetic resonance, but the technology is still in the stage of laboratory research and development, and has not been applied to mobile phones.
        The use of mobile wireless power supply. For most ordinary users, wireless power supply is still a new thing. Due to the lack of understanding of wireless power supply methods, they do not know how to use mobile phones for wireless power supply.
        In fact, the way it is used is totally stupid. Although it involves electromagnetic and current conversion, they are all completed by equipment. Generally speaking, the wireless power supply is disc, some are embedded and card slot type. However, either way, as long as the mobile phone has wireless power supply function, as long as the mobile phone is close to the tray of the wireless power supply, the mobile phone will enter the charging state.
        However, due to the limited transmission power of the charger, most wireless power supply devices need to be closely connected with the mobile phone, and the closely connected part depends on the location of the radio receiving device. As we all know, most mobile phones will be equipped with a radio receiver on the back of the middle of the mobile phone, and directly put the mobile phone on the tray of the wireless power supply device, so as to provide wireless power for the mobile phone.