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Wireless power farewell wire

       What convenience will wireless power supply technology bring to people's production and life?
       If you are a landscape photographer, how to avoid the high voltage line of the poles and flying frames in the flower sea will become a problem you often encounter.
        If you are a white-collar in an office building, the first thing after work is to first smooth the power cord of the equipment such as mobile phones, computers, desk lights, printers and so on that are constantly trimming and disorderly cutting on the desk.
       Indeed, since the human beings entered the era of electrification, various wires used to transmit electric energy have become one of the most common items in people's daily life. The disordered wires are one of the most difficult problems in daily life.
       From UHV transmission technology to the research and development of high temperature superconductor materials, human beings have made unremitting efforts in improving transmission efficiency and wire materials, and also made great progress. However, in recent years, more and more researchers and relevant industry have tried to go against it, hoping to realize the transmission of electric energy by wireless way, thus fundamentally getting rid of the dependence on the wires.