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The origin of wireless power supply

       In fact, both wireless charging and wireless power supply are derived from wireless power transmission technology.
       When it comes to wireless power transmission, we generally think that it was invented by Nikolay Tesla at the end of the 19th century. Tesla originally worked under Edison, but later broke up because of disagreement. The reason for breaking up is that Tesla thought that alternating current was the future, while Edison thought that the future belonged to direct current, and for a long time, he tore it up. Of course, the final result has been lost now I know.
       The reason why alternating current can win is that it is very convenient for alternating current to transform voltage. We know that long distance transmission of electric energy requires ultra-high voltage to ensure that the loss of electric energy is minimized in the transmission process. If the DC power is to be transformed, it needs to go through the following steps: the first step is to convert it into AC, the second part is to transform it into DC, and the third step is to convert it into DC, which will increase the power loss, increase the equipment cost and increase the processing difficulty. That's why alternating current has become the power transmission mode that we are all using at present.
       Because of the discovery and application of alternating current, the changing electric field can produce a changing magnetic field, which can excite a long-distance coil to produce a changing electric field (one of the working principles of transformer). At that time, many people studied how to increase the distance, but they failed.