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One of the top ten black technologies of wireless power supply

      Do you know the top ten black technologies? The top ten black technologies are: 1. Memory erasure device 2. Wireless power supply 3. Remote transmission 4. Machine servant 5. Electronic paper 6. Chip implantation into brain 7. Language translator 8. Automatic driving 9. Intelligent bath system 10. Automatic makeup machine.
      So, as one of the top ten black technologies, what is wireless power supply?
In fact, the concept of wireless power supply technology has existed many years ago, and many experts hope to make some breakthroughs here, such as using electromagnetic coupling, photoelectric coupling, electromagnetic resonance and other ways to supply power.
      Nowadays, some concept TVs have begun to research and manufacture wireless power supply. We believe that it is only a matter of time before wireless power supply is applied to the public.