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Wireless power supply instantiation

       Airvolt wireless charger is wireless power supply
       Airvolt is a wireless charger that uses radio waves to charge mobile devices. Like the same type of products, its efficiency is lower than that of wired charging. After the airvolt charging head is powered on, it can convert the electric energy into electromagnetic wave, and the receiver will convert the electromagnetic wave into electric energy to charge the mobile phone. When the battery is fully charged to 80%, it will automatically stop charging, and when the battery is less than 20%, it will automatically charge again, which not only ensures the battery power of the mobile phone, but also does not lead to overcharge and increases the service life of the battery.
       Airvolt is developed by technovator company. When it needs to be charged, just plug the receiver into the mobile phone, and then plug the charging head into the socket to carry out remote wireless charging. Charging distance is within 9 meters, and the distance can be up to 12 meters, hiding in any corner of the room can charge! The volume of the receiver and charging head is small enough, charging speed is slower than ordinary charger. There are two interface options of lightning or micro USB to meet different needs.