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Wireless power supply, what is it?

       Wireless power supply technology is a new power supply technology being developed by scientists of Massachusetts Institute of technology. The principle is to use non radiative wireless energy transmission to drive electrical appliances. The project started in June 2007.
       What are the wireless power supply technologies
       1、 WPC launched Qi standard: electromagnetic induction mode, which was established in December 2008.
       2、 Airfuel alliance after the merger of a4wp and PMA: magnetic resonance mode, established in November 2015.
       3、 Radio wave type
       4、 Electric field coupling
       5、 Watup wireless charging: wireless charging 2.0 standard
       6、 WiFi wireless charging: 10M distance
       7、 Ultrasonic wireless charging: the effective range is close to 5 meters
       8、 New wireless charging technology: Microsoft plans to use focused light to charge
       9、 Wi charge infrared charging system