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Wireless power supply, another future

       Wireless power supply, will bring another future, "charging" will become an obscure historical term.
       In "three body II: dark forest", Liu Cixin describes the future in more than 200 years. All electrical equipment, such as electrical appliances and new energy vehicles, do not need to be charged or plugged in. "Plug" has also become a historical term. At that time, the earth has realized all-round wireless power supply, and electricity is everywhere like air.
       In the environment of wireless power supply, the power supply uses microwave or other forms of electromagnetic oscillation beam to transmit electric energy, forming a power supply field in a certain space range. Any electric equipment in this range can receive electric energy by antenna or electromagnetic resonance coil.
       What needs to be distinguished is the wireless charging line. These two concepts are completely different. Wireless power supply does not need any physical connection, and electric energy can be transmitted to the load contactlessly.
       Perhaps in the near future, we will see wireless power supply products with long distance and indoor distance, instead of electric poles and high-voltage wires. The words related to "charging" will become a historical term.