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What are the advantages of using wireless power supply board

       If we use the wireless power supply board, we don't need to replace the data line frequently.
       If the data cable is used for a long time or the charging posture is not right, it is easy to cause damage and aging, especially at the interface. If it is not careful, it will also cause leakage. The high-end wireless power supply board only needs to insert the cable into the charging pad, and will maintain a safe charging posture. However, the cable may be aging after using for a long time, but the service life of Ken cable is longer than that of data cable.
       Perhaps in the near future, we will see wireless power supply products with long distance and indoor distance, instead of electric poles and high-voltage wires. The words related to "charging" will become a historical term.
       When we can finally untie the shackles of wires, the development of science and technology will fly higher, go further and study deeper.