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Wireless power supply can be expected in the future

      As mobile devices gradually let mankind get rid of all kinds of wire constraints, wireless power supply will change from consumer products to household appliances, and more and more large kinetic energy devices will become the next field "liberated" by wireless charging technology. Wireless charging technology will be the pioneer technology for the future 5g era, even 6g, 8g... Era, which will influence and even change us step by step A new way of life.
       Most of the public places are equipped with temporary charging equipment, and most of the traditional charging equipment use charging cabinet. However, with the further increase of market demand, wireless charging equipment comes out, and its equipment installation quantity rises sharply. The subsequent development of wireless equipment improves the        bottleneck problem in the early stage, reduces the reactive power loss, which indicates that the technology is mature.
       The future of wireless charging technology can be prospected.