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Development of high power wireless charging

       Magnetic resonance technology is suitable for long-distance high-power charging, and now it is mainly used in new energy vehicles and electric vehicle charging pile solutions. The high-power wireless charging scheme makes it possible to realize the tailless of electric vehicles / vehicles. It will be more convenient to replace the power supply mode based on charging plug with wireless charging.
       Home appliances, robots and electric tools are the main medical fields of medium power wireless charging. Using wireless charging technology to realize tailless electrical appliances is hopeful to open up the market first. There are few medium power products on the market that have upgraded the wireless charging function, but these products really have the demand for wireless charging. Those manufacturers that have applied wireless charging technology to their products also need to continuously optimize the product performance through the improvement of wireless charging technology.
       Compared with low-power wireless charging products, medium and high-power wireless charging products have less restrictions on popularization. They are mainly aimed at the wireless charging demand between machines, and can be implemented at appropriate cost. However, there are not many companies mastering medium power technology, but there are still such wireless charging enterprises, which can provide customized wireless charging solutions for customers in different power ranges.