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Mainstream wireless charging technology

       Now the mainstream wireless charging technology has the following ways:
       1. One is standard wireless charging, also known as electromagnetic induction wireless charging technology. The core principle of this wireless charging technology comes from Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction in our physics school. Cutting the magnetic field through the conductor will produce electromotive force. The most common application is the transformer in our life.
       2. Another possibility is the ideal state of wireless charging technology, radio frequency technology. No matter where such technology appears, it is very eye-catching. This may be the popular wireless charging technology. This technology uses the space electric field as the medium, and regards the energy transmitting plate and the receiver as two plates of the capacitor to realize the wireless transmission of electric energy.
       With the development of science and technology, both electromagnetic induction wireless charging technology and radio frequency technology will be the pioneer technology in the future 5g era, even 6G, 8g... Era, which will influence and even change our way of life step by step.