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Wireless power supply has been realize

       In fact, the short-range wireless power supply technology has appeared more than 100 years ago, and many small things in our life are already using wireless power supply.
       For example, there will be two groups of wires in the transformer wrapped around an iron core frame, but they are not directly connected to each other.
       Public transport card, campus card, second generation ID card, bank card, etc. all need electricity. When there is no electricity, it is no different from cardboard. Even if a lot of information is stored, there is no way to transmit it.
       The power supply principle of this card is similar to that of transformer. A fast changing magnetic field will be formed around the card reader. When the chip enters the magnetic field, an induced voltage will be generated in the surrounding coil to activate the chip and send its own number out through the coil to be received by the card reader. The reader will react differently according to the number, such as telling you how much balance you have in your account.
       With the development of random technology, I believe wireless power supply technology will make the biggest breakthrough in the future