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Wireless power supply technology

       At present, wireless power supply technology is mainly in the research and experimental stage, which is far from practical.
       It has a wide range of applications and a good prospect. Some low-power applications have been launched, and some high-power applications are still in research and experiment.
       It's not only available when you can't use cable or battery power. For example, some small power chargers, as long as mobile phones or electronic products have wireless receiving devices, can not use wired chargers, but directly put the mobile phone or electrical appliances into the wireless charger or close to it to charge. This not only reduces the cable connection, reduces the data cost, but also is safe and reliable. Some high-power products, such as TV sets, have already been introduced in samples, not to mention those from abroad. Haier has launched an experimental product at an exhibition in the United States, which can supply power to TV through wireless instead of cable. It can make the TV display very convenient, not limited by the cable power supply, but also make the TV connection neat and beautiful, and so on.
       It can be seen that once the wireless power supply technology is mature, it will be widely used.