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Development background of geomagnetic sensor

       Geomagnetic field is the inherent resource of the earth, which provides a natural coordinate system for aviation, aerospace and navigation. It can be used in positioning, orientation and attitude control of spacecraft or ship. The magnetic navigation technology based on the spatial distribution of the earth's magnetic field is simple, efficient, reliable and anti-jamming, which is one of the indispensable basic navigation and positioning means in developed countries. For example, Boeing aircraft with high degree of automation is equipped with magnetic navigation and positioning system.
       With the rapid development of economy, the investment in infrastructure is increasing, one of which is road construction. However, due to the long period of road construction, its growth can not keep up with the rapid growth of vehicles, which makes the traffic situation worse and worse, which has become a common problem in almost all cities. The effective solution to change this traffic situation is to establish a perfect traffic monitoring system in the urban traffic management department. The main goal of traffic monitoring system is to adapt to the changes of dynamic traffic conditions. That is, by collecting traffic data and transmitting it to the traffic management center, the center carries out analysis in the center. According to the analysis results, the center can better control the traffic by controlling vehicle access and signal lights; the center can also use these data to quickly take measures in case of traffic accidents. At the same time, the management center can transmit the collected traffic data to the driver, which helps to reduce traffic congestion and optimize the driving route. The application of traffic monitoring system can improve the traffic capacity of existing roads, coordinate and deal with unexpected traffic events, ease traffic congestion, and improve traffic conditions.