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The way of wireless transmission

       There are four ways of wireless power transmission, which are electromagnetic induction principle, resonant wireless power transmission, magnetic coupling resonance principle and microwave wireless power transmission.
       Today I will introduce the first principle of electromagnetic induction.
       This principle is similar to the transformer principle commonly used in power system. When the primary side of the transformer is connected with the alternating current, the secondary side will induce the electromotive force due to the principle of electromagnetic induction. If the secondary side circuit is connected, the induced current will appear. The voltage and current transformers in power system also adopt the similar principle.
       Compared with wireless transmission, the primary side of the transformer is equivalent to the power transmitting coil, and the secondary side is equivalent to the power receiving coil, so that the wireless transmission of power from the transmitting coil to the receiving coil can be realized.
       Although the original intention of the application of electromagnetic induction principle in power system is not to focus on the transmission of electric energy, but to use the energy conversion to change the magnitude of voltage and current, it does have a certain inspiration for wireless transmission, especially for the small power and short distance transmission of electric energy.
       At present, electric toothbrush, mobile phone, camera, MP3 and other small portable electronic devices are mainly used to transfer electric energy by electromagnetic induction, which are wireless charged by charging base. The electric energy transmitting coil is installed in the charging base, and the receiving coil is installed in the electronic equipment.            This principle of wireless transmission has already existed in the market.