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wireless power supply

    Introduction of wireless power supply

    Wireless power supply is a convenient and safe new technology, without any physical connection, power can be transmitted to the load in a short distance without contact. In fact, the short-range wireless power supply technology has appeared more than 100 years ago, and many small things in our life are already using wireless power supply. Perhaps in the near future, we will see wireless power supply products with long-distance and indoor distance, instead of power poles and high-voltage lines, "plug" will also become a historical term.

    Wireless power supply refers to power transmission through non physical contact. It is the third wireless revolution after wireless communication and wireless network. It is regarded as a cutting-edge technology with basic application significance. It has a wide range of cross product applications, and is expected to promote breakthroughs and innovations in communication, electronics, Internet of things, new energy and other industries in China and even the world.