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The origin and innovation of wireless charging technology

Wireless charging technology is the catalyst to enter the 5g era in an all-round way Compared with the "wired" era, wireless charging technology will greatly liberate people's concerns about electricity safety. In the long run, the cost of wireless charging technology will be less than that of "wired" in the long run, and will be more recognized and affirmed by the public in terms of user convenience and user experience. What is the origin of wireless charging technology and the development and innovation of this industry?

1. The source of wireless charging technology

When it comes to the source of wireless charging technology, we have to mention Nikolai Tesla, a great physicist, who pioneered the wireless charging technology. The simple understanding of the principle of wireless charging technology is to complete the continuous charging of electrical equipment through the electromagnetic field principle combined with AC technology or other methods when there is no wire connected. Since the emergence of wireless charging technology, Marconi, who has been recognized by many governments and Nobel prizes for his invention of radio and its application in real life, is one of the authority of wireless charging technology, while many scholars prefer Nikolai Tesla. Scholars think that Nikolai Tesla is the originator of wireless charging technology and modern wireless communication technology Wireless charging technology is a well deserved cornerstone.

2. Innovation of wireless charging technology

Now the mainstream wireless charging technology has the following ways: one is the standard wireless charging, also known as electromagnetic induction wireless charging technology. The core of this wireless charging technology comes from Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction in our physics school. Through the conductor cutting the magnetic field, emf will be generated. The most common application is the transformer in our life. There is also a possibility that the wireless charging technology is in an ideal state. Radio frequency technology, no matter where it appears, is very attractive. It may be the popular wireless charging. This technology uses the space electric field as the medium, and regards the energy transmitting plate and the receiver as two plates of capacitance to realize the wireless transmission of electric energy.

Future prospects of wireless charging technology: as mobile devices gradually let human beings free from various wire constraints, wireless charging technology will change from consumer products to household appliances, and more and more large kinetic energy devices will become the next "liberated" field by wireless charging technology. Wireless charging technology will be the pioneer technology for 5g Era or even 6G, 8g... Era in the future Step by step influence and even change our way of life.