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NFC announced to support wireless charging, what do you think?

In our daily life, our most common charging scheme is the power adapter + cable, which will be bound to the patch panel no matter where we go. In this regard, wireless charging obviously has greater advantages, and its convenience and freedom are greatly improved. In the future, wireless charging is bound to be the leading role of consumer electronic products.

Therefore, in the field of smart phones, wireless charging has become a hot research topic.

Recently, the NFC forum announced the update of short-range wireless technology, which adds a form of wireless charging to the standard (wireless charging specification / WLC). Specifically, the NFC specification uses the reference frequency of 13.56MHz, uses the NFC communication link to control power transmission (supporting four power transmission levels of 250, 500, 750 and 1000 MW), realizes the power transmission to the NFC tag by sending continuous carrier signal, and then expands and establishes the communication channel.

It can be seen from the above data that the charging power allowed by NFC is not high, and the maximum power is 1W. It may be mentioned that the Qi standard implemented by WPC wireless charging alliance, which has relatively high power, is often difficult to have both Qi wireless charging and NFC functions in the same mobile phone. In a very limited and valuable mobile phone equipment space, Qi standard requires a larger coil, which will increase the weight and thickness of the equipment. And it needs to charge one-to-one in a short distance, and the degree of freedom is almost zero. Therefore, carrying a smaller NFC chip may be a better choice.

In addition, the NFC forum did not disclose the specific hardware requirements of NFC wireless charging, so the software updates of existing equipment manufacturers may not be able to enjoy this function. Of course, NFC wireless charging standard has just been approved, and there are many unknowns about how to implement it to the product end in the future.

Comparatively speaking, spootin technology has a good development momentum at present. With the 6.78mhz frequency band, it can technically make NFC compatible functions, and has the advantages of long-distance, one to many, high efficiency, multi power expansion and air separation charging. It has signed research and development agreements with two of the top five global Smartphone manufacturers in 2019. In the near future, the global smart phones are expected to be built-in "core magnetism" when they leave the factory.

The purpose of the development of science and technology is always to bring more convenient life for human beings. USB interface will eventually "disappear" in the field of smart phones. There is no doubt that wireless charging technology is opening a broader chapter. The era of wireless charging has come. Are you still hesitating outside?