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Magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and application scenarios of "isolated charging"

Wireless charging technology as an underlying technology, the public is more through consumer electronics products generated intersection. Since 2020, the application of wireless charging technology in consumer electronic products has entered the just needed development stage, with the rapid popularization of wireless charging technology and explosive growth of corresponding products. In particular, the major mobile phone manufacturers, in the pursuit of "greater power" of wireless charging technology, have made every effort to become the leader of wireless charging mode.


In fact, wireless charging technology can not only give new charging functions to mobile phones and other consumer electronic products. With the rise and development of high-frequency magnetic resonance technology, the commercial application scenarios of wireless charging technology are becoming more diversified and gradually extended to a wider range of industries and fields.


Wireless charging market potential

According to IHS data, < / span > < span > < span >, in 2018, the number of wireless charging transmitter and receiver will reach 611 million. It is estimated that by 2023, the shipment of wireless charging transmitter and receiver will reach 2.1 billion, and CAGR (composite annual growth rate) will reach 28% in five years.



 Source: IHS, Guojin Securities Research Institute


In addition, according to the data of Baidu, the search engine with the highest market share in China, the search fever of "wireless charging" increased month by month after the epidemic, which was almost equal to the peak data before the epidemic in recent months, and the rapid recovery from the industry is predictableIt is expected that the market potential will be ready for development.


Baidu media index from January 2019 to August 2020


Baidu search index from January 2019 to August 2020

The rising data also shows that wireless charging technology is a mature technology after years of market test. The main consideration of the demander has also shifted from "whether to adopt wireless charging technology" to "evaluating the most suitable wireless charging technology solution".


Overview of mainstream wireless charging technologies

A market report from Chengdu Institute of new economic development (ined) shows that at present, wireless technology upstream manufacturers have formed a clear technology competition pattern, and there are mainly four technical ways to realize wireless charging.


Compared with the first generation of Qi standard wireless charging technology, high frequency magnetic resonance wireless charging technology which can customize and expand more application scenarios is worth looking forward to.


Wireless magnetic resonance charging technology based on focusing and "space charging"

 Due to the limitation of battery capacity and the difficulty of power supply, some enterprises choose to use wireless charging technology in the new product development period. However, the mainstream Qi standard wireless charging can not meet the growing demand, and enterprises are looking for a breakthrough new way of charging. Among the newly added news information on the Internet in the past year, there are 170000 new reports on space charging and more than 4000 reports on Contactless charging. The biggest advantage of high frequency magnetic resonance wireless charging technology is that it can solve the charging distance, and the industry space of relevant technical solution providers is rapidly expanding.


Taking Rui magnetic, a relatively early commercial high-frequency magnetic resonance technology in the industry as an example, the broad downstream application scenarios greatly expand the definition of wireless charging on the consumer side. As an enterprise developing wireless charging technology for nearly ten years, the R & D team of "Ruici" has accumulated rich experience in customized projects.





The technical characteristics of "core magnetic": the charging distance can be within 100cm, the charging freedom is high, the module size is small, the conversion rate is high, the expansion power is up to 100W, and the customization is supported.


 As more and more projects are launched, the wireless charging technology of high frequency magnetic resonance will be gradually accepted and used by the public. The demanders do not have to worry about the compatibility caused by different standard protocols. Some organizations predict that in the future, a variety of wireless charging technologies are likely to exist together to meet diverse needs. And the market scale of wireless charging will also become broader because of the commercial application of more technologies.