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Brief Introduction to WPS


In terms of electromagnetic resonance, our company had proposed the application levels in the first Global Wireless Power Supply Industry Summit which was held in Shanghai, China in September 2012. Here are the four levels:

Point to point Wireless Power Supply (Zero Dimension)

Online Multi-point Wireless Power Supply (1 D)

Surface Wireless Power Supply (2 D)

Space Wireless Power Supply (3 D)


1、Point to point Wireless Power Supply is a transmitter coil corresponding with a receiving coil. That is a transmitter only provides wireless power to an electrical appliance.


2、Online Multi-point Wireless Power Supply is a linear transmitter coil with many receiving coils overhead. A wire is able to supply power wirelessly to multiple electric appliances.




3、Surface Wireless Power Supply is a planar transmitter coil with multiple receiving coil overhead.




4、Space Multi Point Wireless Power Supply is to enclose a space with transmitter coil, placing multiple receiving coil into the space and supplying wireless power to multiple electrical appliances simultaneously.



Merits of Wireless Power Supply:

1、Isolated power supply. The completely separated from grid can avoid fire and personal security problems caused by electric leakage and short circuit. Application cases: Wall advertising, etc.

2、Free power supply. Free because of wireless and can charge without plugging in a cable. Appliance cases: Mobile phone charging, etc.


3、Waterproof power supply. Electric appliances are totally independent because of wireless and completely sealed. Application cases: Underwater electrical appliances, etc.