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Development Processes

In the fall of 1981, a twin-tuned radio---wireless power supplied radio was made.

In April 2000, resigned and to prepare funds for the establishment of the company.

In August 2004, registered Huizhou Mingtian Technology Co. LTD, specializing in the development and application of wireless power supply.

In April 2006, found out that the optimum comprehensive constant for the 20kHz wireless power supply system is 63.418.

In October 2006, succeeded in making the first 1W magnetic resonance wireless power chip VOX05MP01.

In April 2007, successfully made wireless power supply chips VOX12MP05 and VOX24MP20.

In October 2007, successfully made high-powered wireless power supply chip VOX330MP05 and solved a set of problems in directly transmitting by mains electricity.

In 2008, realized small scale trial production of wireless power supply chip.

In December 2008, successfully solved the limited voltage receiving problem of wireless power supply receiving circuit.

In June 2009, designed wireless power supply (charging) scheme of mobile phone battery.

In June 2010, designed wireless power supply (charging) scheme of high-power.

In October 2012, succeeded in the experiment of desktop wireless power supply.

In July 2011, succeeded in the experiment of wireless charging station for vehicles.

In December 2011, succeeded in the experiment of wireless power supply for AGV track.

In April 2012, succeeded in the experiment of 3D wireless power supply.

In September 2012, participated in the first “Global Wireless Power Supply Industry Summit”, exhibiting the 3D wireless power supply system, as well as “Classification Scheme of Wireless Power Supply”and “Wireless Power Supply Mode for Future Home”

In August 2014, moved to Shenzhen and established Shenzhen Mingtian Wireless Power Supply Co. LTD.  

In April 2015, formally signed cooperation agreement with Shandong Yantai Aioute Investment Group and established “Zhonghui Chuangzhi Wireless Power Supply Technology Co. LTD”.

In April 2020, initially formed geomagnetic wireless power supply model, which is a multi-dimensional wireless power supply model.It is the principle of wireless power supply in the regional space of “1-1=2”which takes magnetic field as the power. 
In November 2020, participate in the "24th national invention exhibition -- One Belt And One Road and brics skills development and technological innovation competition"