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RESUN Power Technology Co., LTD is a new innovative company. Since 2004, 16 years till now, continuing to specialize in the basic research of wireless power supply, the core technicians have already developed the application of wireless power supply from point to point (zero Dimension) into online multi-point (1D), surface multi-point (2 D) and space (3D) wireless power supply. In 2020, we further created the geomagnetic wireless power supply model. RESUN has long been dedicated to the society and the development of the wireless power supply and have already had dozens of patents and about 10 international patents for the invention of wireless power supply. We successively founded several wireless power supply companies in Huizhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Yantai and are also actively involved in business activities and the developing of relevant standard on wireless power supply.

We focus on the application of the basic research of wireless power supply. On the one hand, we have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding on the existing technology in wireless power supply so that we are able to develop a suitable project from a variety of existing wireless power supply technologies and can completely avoid traps like “XTE WPS  technology trap” and “Xaier WPS technology trap”. On the other hand, we can develop wireless power supply stand-alone scheme from tens of watts to 200 kW. It requires no more further development and can realize engineering mass production with only adjustments based on practical use which to a large extent improves the efficiency and can save time and money. We also created a set of solid-state security system that is equivalent to integrated circuit packaging, low cost and easy operation, which is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to use for security during start-up period.